Download Kumpulan Mp3 Lagu Raihan Lengkap

Download Kumpulan Mp3 Lagu Raihan Lengkap

Raihan (meaning "Fragrance of Heaven" in Arabic) is a Malaysian nasheed group originally composed of five members that took Malaysia by storm with the release of their debut album Puji-Pujian in October 1996. The group's original line-up comprised Nazrey Johani, Che Amran Idris, Abu Bakar Md Yatim, Amran Ibrahim, and Azhari Ahmad as the leader. Produced by Farihin Abdul Fattah, Puji-Pujian grossed sales of more than 750,000 units in Malaysia alone, with 200,000 units sold within the first two months after its launch, and 3,500,000 units have been sold worldwide, which makes them the most successful Malaysian artist in terms of album sales.
However, on 29 August 2001, one of the founding members, Azhari Ahmad, died of a myocardial infarction (heart attack) shortly after attending the Era Awards ceremony in Genting Highlands, Pahang (wikipedia)

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10 Malaikat : [Download]
25 Rasul : [Download]
99 nama : [Download] 
‘Araftu Ka : [Download]
Ababil : [Download]
Adik remajaku : [Download]
alam semesta : [Download] 
Al-hijrah : [Download]
Allahu : [Download]
Ameen : [Download] 
Anak Permata : [Download] 
Antara dua cinta : [Download]
ashabul kahfi : [Download]
Assalamu'alaikum : [Download]
Assubhubana : [Download]
Bacalah : [Download]
Balada selawat : [Download]
Berilah harapan : [Download] 
Bersatu : [Download]
Bismillah : [Download]
Bismillah (acapela) : [Download]
Bittaqwa : [Download]
Bonds of love : [Download]
Cahaya selawat : [Download]
Carilah cinta : [Download]
Ching ai-ching ai : [Download]
Cinta hakiki : [Download]
Damba cintamu : [Download]
Dari tuhan : [Download] 
Demi masa : [Download]
Do you know him : [Download]
Doa makan : [Download]
Doa Tilawah : [Download] 
Dunia : [Download]
Gema alam : [Download] 
Gema Takbir : [Download]
God is the light : [Download]
Haji menuju Allah : [Download]
Harapan ramadhan : [Download] 
Hari Raya untuk Semua : [Download]
Iktibar Ramadhan : [Download]
I'tiraf : [Download]
Iman mutiara : [Download]
InsyaAllah : [Download]
Kabar iman : [Download]
Kasih sayang : [Download]
Kau yg satu : [Download] 
Kedesa : [Download]
Kehidupan : [Download]
Keikhlasan : [Download]
Keindahan alam : [Download]
Kembali : [Download]
Kita hamba : [Download]
Kita sama : [Download] 
Lebaran Ini : [Download]
Lailatul Qodar : [Download]
Lambaran Aidil Fitri : [Download]
Mari berhibur : [Download]
Mari bersholat : [Download]
Matta masa : [Download]
Mengemis kasih : [Download]
Mulianya ramadhan : [Download]
Nabi Anak Yatim : [Download]
Odei anak : [Download]
peristiwa shubuh : [Download]
Perjalanan : [Download]
Pesanan Buat Kita : [Download]
Puasa dulu baru hari raya : [Download]
Puji-pujian : [Download]
Puji - pujian 2 : [Download]
Rakan Selawat : [Download]
Rayuan rindu : [Download]
Rindu di Aidil Fitri : [Download] 
Rukun kita : [Download]
Salaam : [Download]
Salamun'alaik : [Download]
Satu pagi dihari raya : [Download] 
Seal of The Prophets : [Download]
Senyum : [Download]
Sesungguhnya : [Download]
Shalawat Burdah : [Download]
Shalawatul Fathilah : [Download]
Shalawat Murtadha : [Download] 
Shalawatus Mustafa : [Download]
Shalawatul Syafa’ah : [Download]
Sholatuwassalam : [Download]
Sifat 20 : [Download]
Sifat-sifat Nabi : [Download]
Syukur : [Download]
Tak selamanya : [Download]
Tanya ibu dan ayah : [Download]
Taqwa & iman : [Download]
Tawakkal : [Download]
Terimakasih ya rasululloh : [Download]
Terimalah aku : [Download]
Thank you Allah : [Download]
The right path : [Download]
Thola'al badru : [Download]
Tihamah : [Download]
Untukmu palestin : [Download]

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